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Chinese tire industry good momentum of development
News Source:      Time:2014-08-26      View:2389
2013, China's automobile tire production exceeded 500 million mark, a new record high, while industrial growth has become the focus of the industry. 
In 2005 and 2013, China's tire industry overall production increased year by year, although in 2008 and 2011, by the lack of impact of downstream demand, tire production growth has slowed, but overall, output growth in recent years, Chinese tire industry the trend is still very obvious. 
Among them, the radial field, all-steel radial tire and semi-steel radial tire production growth in both. However, according to Figure observation, or the gap between the two in nine very clear, all-steel radial tire production in 2005 was about 30 million, to 2013, barely yield billions of dollars, and as a large radial tire, semi-steel Meridian the rapid growth of tire production, 2013 production has reached more than 300 million pieces. 
Meridian tire industry in China continues to increase at the same rate, the market demand for bias tires is also declining. In the 2005-2013 years, bias tire production fell by half, mainly in the aviation, engineering, and agricultural tires used more some areas, passenger tires in the field has been very limited range of applications. 
Overall, in 2005-2013, China's tire industry good momentum of development, production increased significantly. Steel radial tire and bias tire production Change slowed down, this nine-year production growth is mainly semi-steel radial tire. 
The reason is mainly due to the rapid development of China in recent years, pulling passenger car industry as well as export markets. Significantly enhance the downstream market demand is the major driving force for the development of semi-steel radial tire industry is driving force behind the development of the tire industry, making China the rate of radial tire industry in the nine years between improved 30 percentage points. 
Currently, the Chinese tire industry is facing many problems, though, industrial upgrading, and other aspects of enterprise technology level remains to be improved, but with the development of society and economy, plenty of room for future development of the industry, according to the plan, by 2015, domestic passenger car radial tire rate reached 100%, we can see that China's tire industry in the coming period, will continue to maintain a good momentum of development.